Elyssa Jakim


May your inner goddess light extend outward to bless the world

The truth is, we are all magical. Full of limitless capacity to love ourselves and others, to fulfill our desires, to achieve peace. The goal of these high-vibrational healing sessions is to uplift and balance you emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually. Aiding you to embody the magical you that you really are.  Allowing your inner light to radiate bright. These are the sessions I offer...

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Intuitive Reading

$150, 60 minutes
$80, 30 minutes*

Also known as a psychic reading. We unpack your current and past situations in order to give you clarity about the choices in front of you. No question is to big, too small, or too specific. During the reading, I open a channel to connect with your divine team. By divine team, I'm referring to the loving spirit guides, angels, elementals (fairies, mermaids, unicorns), ancestors, and ascended master energy here to connect with you. This channel is energetically healing in and of itself. Unicorn, Fairy, and Mermaid readings are also available and can be a focus of the reading. 


Soul Journey

$180, 60 minutes

This is a healing voyage into other realms. Some might call this astral travel or shamanic journeying. I know it as healing through deep meditation that allows you to connect to source energy--letting the divine love heal the body, mind, and spirit. This session can help heal stuck spaces, emotions, patterns, past life, and current life challenges. It can also reveal to you your lineage as a divine being, providing a chance to swim in the uplifting energies of your origins. Here you will discover the archetypes and symbols that help you to tune into your higher self, that help you feel strong. In person, I blend Reiki and hands on work with the journey as another element of the healing.



$150, 60 minutes
$110, 30 minutes*





$180, 60 minutes




Reiki is a hands-on energy healing technique, developed in Japan. Also known as chi, Reiki is the energy of life, the animating principle. The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for this energy, allowing the person who receives it to feel deep levels of calm, healing, and nourishment. Used for everything from headaches to heartaches, Reiki feels like a deep meditation that balances you on every level. I use light massage along with the Reiki because it feels wonderful. I am a Reiki master with a deep appreciation and love for this modality. 

Is there a particular issue of Venus your life in need of attention and healing? Some such areas include those of sexuality, abundance, self-worth, body love, seeking partnership, seeking your ideal career. Let us tailor a session, ceremony, or a series of sessions for you to help enhance this aspect of your life.


To book or for questions, please email ELYSSAJAKIM@GMAIL.COM

*All 30 minutes sessions are done over phone or Skype.