About Elyssa


Elyssa Jakim is a spiritual teacher, a wellness columnist, an energy healer, a film critic, and a leader of magical events.  Her goal is to help others feel free and empowered by to shine brightly as a blessing to the world.

Elyssa completed her undergraduate degree at Harvard University in Performance and Film Theory. Elyssa is a cofounder of Fairy School NYC, an after school program that nurtures children’s magic with a fairy-themed curriculum. She brings the same fun and free spirit to her work with people of all ages. Elyssa has led healing events, workshops, and one-on-one healing sessions at Maha Rose Center for Healing [where she was a practitioner from 2014-2015] (NYC) , Top Shop (NYC), Space Ninety 8 (NYC), Temple of Venus (NYC), Species by the Thousands (NYC), and House of Intuition (LA). Elyssa has written for such publications as The Local Rose, Mind Body Green, the Numinous, MUBI, and Theatre for a New Audience. 

A Reiki master, Elyssa teaches Reiki I, II, and III.


With authenticity as her anchor, Elyssa goes deep. In her workshops and sessions, Elyssa taps into the energy of other realms—guides, angels, nature spirits, ascended masters to lead you on visual and sensory, shamanic journeys that help balance the chakras and create healing in the mind, body, and soul. Inspired by goddess archetypes, Elyssa teaches on the divine feminine, sensuality, abundance, and luxuriating. Elyssa has a deep connection to ancient teachings that she unravels through study and through intuition.


Fairy School NYC is an after-school program dedicated to nurturing children’s magic and give it an even bigger place in children’s lives. A typical day at Fairy School includes: fairy-inspired crafts and games, dress-up, storytelling, movement, oracle readings, healing practice with crystals and singing bowls, guided meditation, and free play. Elyssa brings this magic to adults as well through Fairy Events and workshops, birthday parties, and writing.

Elyssa has learned to connect deeply with elementals (Fairies, gnomes, unicorns, mermaids, devas, dragons, nature spirits, flower spirits) through mentorship with Nature Spirit Alchemist Camilla Blossom Bishop in the Columbia River Gorge (Oregon and Washington). She is honored to be an elemental ambassador of the Unicorn Garden.


From 2010-2015, Elyssa lived in an apartment building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the word "VENUS" etched on its facade. She has written on, channeled, and worked with the Goddess Venus since 2015, when the Temple of Venus was born. The Temple of Venus began as an event series out of a room in her apartment that became an altar to Venus. The event was a collaboration with online magazine The Numinous. Elyssa has written extensively on working with Goddess Venus on her column on the Numinous and a series on The Local Rose.

Elyssa loves teaching on questions of love, romance, divine partnership, sensuality, self-care divine feminine wisdom, creativity, abundance, beauty, luxuriating, and feminine ways of being. The realms of Goddess Venus.


Elyssa is grateful for her teachers, who include:

Camilla Blossom Bishop
Lisa Levine
Sandra van Olmen
Amira Glaser